Guangzhou Adventure


Today was also a 2-hr-work day. I went for a walk in the afternoon. Took the back lane that I discovered yesterday. Just loved it! On the one side of the street there are 12-storey apartment buildings, and the ground level is 2 storeys below street level. There are small paths or bridges that link to the 3rd level of the buildings. The buildings are about 2-3 metres away from the street. And there are these nice slender trees that are grown on the ground level, 6-storey tall, so it shadows over you when you walk down the street.

Was trying to find mango pudding shop, but accidentally found a gelato place! Yum yum yum... one scoop for only 3 RMB!

On my way back, saw a kid pickpocketing. I warned the girl (target), so the kid didn't succeed. But then the kid's gang came over and stared at me.. :-s I thought the girl walked away after she said thankyou to me, so I walked away as soon as I could. But then when I turned around, I saw the girl arguing with those people still... but I dared not walk back. There were people around and looking at them, I hope the girl is fine... :-s

Am taking train to HK at 8.20pm today. YEAH!

guy in brief practicing badminton!