Guangzhou 广州

Arrived at Guangzhou's new airport yesterday (Aug 10) afternoon. Was just really happy for Guangzhou that it finally has a nice airport (you will too if you've been to the old one). It's a bit far from town, which might spare passengers from the notorious traffic jam in Guangzhou.

airbridge path to the arrival hall

"I've been to the new airport!"

In the evening, Yuk Wah's friend Eric took us to dinner. The restaurant is by the Zhujiang River. It has all sorts of 'delicacies', incl. crocodiles and snakes... :-S and we had a false alarm. Eric told us that he ordered crocodile meat and water snake, so Yuk Wah and I were wolfing down as much as we could, hoping that if we get full before the reptile dishes were served, we can just say we can't take in any more food. AND HE DIDN'T ORDER THEM!

After dinner we went to this chic lounge bar nearby. Interesting loo it's got.

all bustling till after 9pm on a Tuesday night

Yuk Wah & me


My home for the next 31 days:

^ courtesy of Liping (Kraft Food)! & Yuk Wah's BengawanSolo cakes from SGP

only brought 4 pairs of shoes...