menstrual cup

I was trying to calculate the expenses for pads consumption in a woman's lifetime:

38 years * 12 months * 5 days * 4 pieces * 5 NTD = 45,600 NTD (~= 1,335 USD)

And it's just odd that not much discussion is around about the environmental impact the pads would cause. (over 9,000 pads per woman, !!!) BTW, my future babies are wearing cloth diapers.

Some googling brought up MUM, Museum of Menstruation & Women's Health, "an odd, funny and well-researched site (created by a man), on the history of menstruation as told by women around the world" (New York Times, cited in the MUM site). In there I found the history of menstrual cup, facts, and comments, very interesting.


My favourite was the comments part - One of the ladies who sent her comment to the site actually makes flannel pads for herself, washes and reuses them. Wow.

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