One Laptop Per Child

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) - a $100 laptop for the world's children education

這個前年發表,令人眼睛一亮的計畫,已經生產出第一批試用機了!計畫由 MIT Media Lab 的 Negroponte 主導,要供應價格一百美元的筆記型電腦給開發中國家的教育部,希望能像教科書一樣發放給每個學生,理想是可以取代傳統紙本教科書以減少生產和流通的成本,並且能夠進入學生的家庭,還可以建構網路甚至連到網際網路。(還記得當年發表時,跟它並列的新聞是加拿大人拿剛買到的 XBox 360 狂摔作為娛樂... )

今天發現是廣達 ODM 的,應該要拍拍手,但是原來當時股價因此摔了一跤... !? 林百里還特地解釋了一番,強調毛利率還是維持住,是個大訂單,好生意。不知該不該嘆氣...

這個計畫的供應商還有 Red Hat、Google、AMD 等等。在硬體設計部份的說明,提到廣達提出的 Transformer Hinge(變形金剛轉軸!),可以讓電腦的螢幕旋轉成遊戲平台或電子書的形式:

At the same time, Quanta Computer, our ODM, made a strong case for fitting the
laptop with a so-called transformer hinge to simplify the machine's
transformations from classic laptop to game device to e-book reader and so on.


Who is the original design manufacturer (ODM) of the $100 laptop?
Quanta Computer Inc. of Taiwan has been chosen as the original design manufacturer (ODM) for the $100 laptop project. The decision was made after the board reviewed bids from several possible manufacturing companies.
Quanta Computer Inc. was founded in 1988 in Taiwan. With over US $10 billion in sales, Quanta is the world's largest manufacturer of laptop PCs; the company also manufactures mobile phones, LCD TVs, and servers and storage products. In addition, Quanta recently opened a new US $200 million R&D center, Quanta R&D Complex (QRDC), in Taiwan. The facility, which opened in Q3 of 2005, has 2.2 million square feet of floor space, and a capacity to house up to 7,000 engineers.

July 13, 2007 後記:
Intel 也要成為OLPC的供應商了!http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6897950.stm
之前Intel被OLPC計畫主持人罵:Intel "should be ashamed of itself" for efforts to undermine the $100 laptop initiative. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6675833.stm