Golden Rule, for whom?

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It always amazes me to see so many people enthusiastically arguing over "religion" on TED - which, by the way, worships science and atheism. Also amazes me to see people trying to persuade non-believers to embrace religious teachings in their secular lives. If you're not gonna preach, wouldn't secularizing them save the arguments over religiosity, and thus make your own life easier? Either way you'd get a "nicely put" or "good to know", at best.

閱讀... 聖經,如果只看作是道德綱領,基本上就是誤解。這裡說的是人如何克服生命中的困境,如何正確評價人的命運。我是世上獨一無二的個體,上天給予的才能,我當充分發揮。如何與人同悲,與人同喜,人飢己飢,人溺己溺,如何尊重他人,尊重自己。如何讓自己快樂,也讓別人快樂。特別是保持信任之心。世上沒有安全保證,但是人可以滿懷信心。「信就是所望之事的實底,是未見之事的確據。」(希伯來書 11:1)