Who chose the colour of the sky?

Bono 談他中學時母親過世, 自己開始對人生意義的探問 (U2 by U2, pp 18 & 19):

... Religion felt all wrong. Yet outside, when I looked around me, I would see clues that God might exist, and might be interested in us. Then I'd lost hope again.

There was a beautiful woman teaching religion at the time, Sophie Shirley, and she would say things like, 'Yes, it's a fallen world but it's still beautiful. God's fingerprints are everywhere if you want to see them.' So there I'd be, standing on Dollymount Strand, staring at the sea, watching the waves, looking at a storm on the horizon, and wondering who chose the colour of the sky? Who makes the earth turn at this speed? Who invented gravity and who designed girls' laughters? Is it all cold science? Cosmic accidents or creation? Is it love or survival of fittest?

... 宗教讓我感覺完全不對勁。但是出了教堂,當我觀察周遭,我能看見上帝可能存在的線索,並且看見這位上帝甚至可能對我們感興趣。但我又再度失去希望。

當時有位美麗的宗教老師 Sophie Shirley,她說:「沒錯,這是個墮落的世界,但它依然美麗。四處都有上帝的指紋,只要你願意,就能看得見。」於是我會站在 Dollymount Strand,注視海面,觀察海浪,看著遠方地平面的風暴,然後想:是誰挑選了天空的顏色?是誰決定地球自轉的速度?是誰發明萬有引力,又是誰創造出女孩們的笑靨?這些都是冷冰冰的科學嗎?是宇宙間的偶然,還是上帝的創造?這些是因著愛而存在,還是適者生存的結果?

Because in this despair, I did pray to God. And I discovered that, even sometimes in the silence, God does answer. The answer may not be the one you want to hear but there's always an answer, if you are serious, if you are ready to let go. Anyway, I had to follow these feelings, or instincts, to see where they led.

... I get to a place in my life where I want to make some sort of spiritual sense of the world. I put out those prayers because I really did think that my head was going to explode, and two things happened in the same few weeks and they both saved my life. And it turned out to be a very good year for me. A very, very good year.


... 我的人生走到這樣一個階段,想以心靈看清這個世界。我發出那些禱告,因為我真的覺得我的腦子快要爆炸了,而後的幾個星期之內發生了兩件事,這兩件事情拯救了我。後來,那一年對我來說成了非常好的一年。非常、非常好的一年。

(Bono 認識了現在的妻子 Ali,並加入樂團,就是 U2 的前身)

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